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M Parr

Artist and Writer
Graphic Novels, Paintings, Commissions

Artist statement: As a narrative artist, I am interested in the stories behind the subjects of my paintings. More specifically, I create hybrid fantasy characters by deconstructing figures and integrating them with non-human objects, both industrial and organic, and then I create stories around them. These magical beings and atmospheres are embedded with social and personal messages that relate to a larger reality.


“Our inner lives are not partitioned like day and night, with pure light on one side of us and total darkness on the other. Mostly, our souls are shadowed places; we live at the border where our dark sides block our light and throw a shadow over our interior places… We cannot always tell where our light ends and our shadow begins, or where our shadow ends and our darkness begins.” - Lewis Smedes

For a complete CV or to request information about commissions, contact: 323.208.1226 or